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es control 0701/0702/0751/0113


Key Functions
• Comfortable, extensible software for administration and reporting of machinery tests
in compliance with EN 60204/DIN VDE 0113 and of appliance tests in compliances with DIN VDE 0701/0702, BGV A 2 (VBG 4)

General Information
• Clear and logic hierarchy
• Directory structure, easy to handle (customer, site, department, UUT, Test), is always visible
• Measurement data transfer from test instrument to PC
• Printing of test results of a test series as listing or test report for individual UUTs
• Transfer of test data from the PC to 0701/0702 PC Multitester (8993) for all appliances due for testing
• Export function for listings in text or Excel format.

Special Features

• Contains the modules es control 0113 and es control 0701/0702

• Free demo version available
• Updates available of existing versions

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