Product Overview


Ultrasonic Leak Detector Kit

Ultrasonic sound (20 kHz to 100 kHz) is generated by turbulence created by air or a gas forced through a small orifice. Ultrasonic sound is very directional in nature and can be used pinpoint the exact location of the leak point. Leaking air or gas is generally considered to be viscous flow and as the flow velocity increases, the frequency of the ultrasonic sound emitted will become higher. The ULD-300 amplifies and converts these sounds to frequencies and levels that the human ear can hear.

• Pressurized air leaks (HGV pressurized air, braking and suspension systems), leaks in refrigeration, air-conditioning and heating systems, leaks in steam lines etc.
• Leaks in door and window seals, roofs
• Leaks in the automobile sector: Windscreens, door seals

Product information
• Kit consisting of ultrasonic leak detector (ULD-300) and ultrasonic transmitter (UT-300) in robust carrying case
• Leaks indicated optically and acoustically


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