Beha-Amprobe 2100-Gamma Two Pole Voltage Tester speeds electrical measurements in higher energy applications

Beha-Amprobe 2100-Gamma Two Pole Voltage Tester speeds electrical measurements in higher energy applications

Beha-Amprobe 2100 Series
This is the Beha-Amprobe 2100 Series

The latest tool in the 2100 Series testers has the measurement range, safety rating, and ruggedness needed for tough commercial environments

Beha-Amprobe® introduces the 2100-Gamma Two Pole Voltage Tester, the latest in the 2100 Series of rugged, full-featured, and reliable tools for a wide variety of electrical testing applications. The new 2100-Gamma is safety rated CAT III 1000 V/CAT IV 600 V and measures a voltage range of 1000 V AC and 1200 V DC making it ideal for higher voltage residential, commercial, and solar environments.

The dual-display 2100-Gamma is compact yet full of the features electricians need, including:

  • Automatic AC/DC voltage detection with polarity indication;
  • Voltage tests up to 1000 V AC and 1200 V DC;
  • Left/right visual phase rotation indication;
  • Automatic continuity tests with visual indicator;
  • Resistance measurement with low resistance indication;
  • Non-contact voltage detection.

“The higher AC and DC voltage measurement range and Category IV safety rating makes the 2100-Gamma well suited for testing solar power and other higher voltage systems,” said Beha-Amprobe General Manager, Mark Bauman. “With the addition of the 2100-Gamma to our line of two pole voltage testers, we now offer a great test solution for virtually any electrical job.” Its extra-long (1.5 m) test leads have two layers of insulation for added durability and safety, and wear indicators to warn if leads need replacing. The leads include an attached test probe protector cover with accessory probe and cap storage to help avoid damaging or losing accessories.

The voltage tester features a two button switched load, which, when in high impedance mode, provides additional protection when testing live power sources and avoids accidental tripping of residual-current devices/earth leakage circuit breakers (RCD/ELCB). When switched to low impedance mode, it eliminates inaccurate readings as result of ghost voltage. In addition, it can intentionally trip 10 mA or 30 mA RCDs remotely to determine if they are wired correctly.

The 2100-Gamma has an integrated torch light to illuminate poorly lit work areas and audible indication when voltage above 50 V AC and 120 V DC is detected.