If you want to keep your electrical equipment healthy and running, it is essential to monitor heating, ventilation, and air conditioning as well as the indoor air quality (HVAC/IAQ). Bioaerosols like dust mites and fungus, for example, can thrive in uncontrolled conditions and block HVAC ducts. Prevent your equipment from breaking down unnecessarily with an air flow meter from Beha-Amprobe.

Monitoring the HVAC/IAQ, checking the temperature and controlling the air flow allows you to keep your equipment in the best working order. At Beha-Amprobe you’ll find all the tools you need for accurate and reliable air testing, from gas leak detectors to anemometers, measuring airflow and volume as well as temperature and humidity.

Mini Anemometer

This pocket-sized Mini Vane Anemometer gives you an easy way to measure air flow, temperature and humidity in he HVAC systems of residential, commerical or industrial...


The TMA10A is ideal for HVAC/R technicians measuring Heat/Ventilation/Air conditioning/Refrigeration wind flow and temperature in residential, commercial and industrial air conditioning systems. It offers numerous functions—use it to...

Anemometer with temperature and RH function (Relative Humidity)

Article no. 3477287

Hot-wire Anemometer

The TMA-21HV Portable Air Velocity Meter is a lightweight versatile instrument that can be used anywhere to measure air velocity, temperature, and relative humidity. It can also...