Three-phase adapter 32 A

• Three-phase current plug CEE 32 A
• Connections via five separate 4 mm sockets for L1, L2, L3, N and PE
• For quick...

32A Three Phase Coupling Connector.

DL-SW-KIT Downloader Software


Key Features
• Software for logging measurement data in accordance with DIN VDE 0100 and 0105.
   Downloads data from supported meters:
    - ProInstall-100

Memory card (MMC/SD) for GT-07XX

Article No. 3504429

Adapter for 3-pole plug


• Measurement of protective earth resistance and insulation
• For C5 power cable types (DIN VDE 0623, IEC/EN60320)


Article No. 4362289...

PAT-BRUSH Brush probe

• Measurement of protective earth resistance and touch current
• Enables stray current measurement on moving or rotating parts
• Reduces transition resistance due to multiple...