Fuse 0.5A , 1000V (4 pieces) Ceramics

for 37XR, 38XR


Article No. 1990695

Fuse 500 mA/500 V (2 pieces per pack)


Article No. 3157013

Fuse 15A , 600V (2 pieces)

Fuse Pack of 2, 2A/1500V Ceramic for HD110C, HD160C Multimeter

Fuse 200mA/700V (2 pieces)

Electronics set


Accessory information
• Test lead set with 4 mm safety plug-in technology

1 x safety test lead, red, 16A
1 s safety test lead, black, 16A

Test lead extension 10 meters for MT204-S

Article no. 3504374

Carrying case

For UAT-600 Series

Article no. 4994620

Fuse, 2 pack

for UAT-600 Series

Article no. 4994468

Signal Clamp

For UAT-600 Series

Article no. 4994647