Product Overview

Appliance tester for testing in accordance with SNR 462638

• Visual inspection
• Protective earth bond test (RPE)
• Insulation resistance test (RINS)
• Substitute leakage current test (ISUB)
• Earth Leakage Current Test
• Touch Leakage Current Test (ITC)
• Functional test (P/IPE) Apparent power (VA), active power (P), line voltage at the tested appliance (U), load current (IPE), power factor (cos φ)

Product information
• Convenient software "es control professional" is available with database and logging capability (optional)
• Three storage levels (customer, location, department)
• Easy operation via rotary switch and START/STOP button
• Automatic start and storage function for protective earth bond resistance test allows two-handed measurements on hard-to-reach measuring objects

Product highlights
• Easy operation via rotary switch and START/STOP button
• Fast safety and functional testing of IEC cord
• Suitable for technically trained persons, clear ok/not ok indication
• Connection for barcode scanners

Article no. 5017935