Digital Multimeters

Digital Multimeters

LCR Meter

• Measuring resistance
• Capacitance measurement
• Inductance measurement
• Transistor and diode measurement

Product information
• Manual range selection
• Integrated measurement memory (data hold and MAX hold)
• Shock-proof...

A compact full-purpose multimeter.

The Amprobe 5XP-A digital multimeter provides superior features and accuracy in a smaller form factor. The 5XP-A has unique features such as VolTect™ non-contact voltage (NVC)...

A compact digital multimeter for electronics and test applications

The 15XP-A is the right choice for electronics engineers, technicians and field service.

  • Autoranging display for faster measurements
  • TTL logic test for digital circuits
  • Integrated tilt
  • ...

Manual ranging digital multimeter with non-contact voltage tester

  • Non-contact voltage tester to 600 V ac
  • Magne-Grip™ Holster with magnetic hanging strap
  • 600 V ac/dc
  • 10 Amps ac/dc, fully safety fused
  • ...

True RMS digital multimeter with temperature and backlight for contractors and field service technicians.

  • Frequency to 40 MHz, temperature to 1832 °F, capacitance to 4000 °F
  • Input warning tone when test
  • ...

True RMS digital multimeter with component and logic test for troubleshooting electronics at the bench or on the job site.

  • Inductance to 40 H, frequency to 40 MHz,
  • ...

True RMS digital multimeter with optical PC interface for engineers designing and troubleshooting industrial automation and control systems.

  • Frequency to 10 MHz, capacitance to 400 uF, temperature
  • ...