Product Overview

Phase Rotation Tester

If you install or connect 3-phase motors and systems, you recognize the importance of verifying the correct motor rotation and wiring phase sequence. Improper connections can cause motors to rotate in reverse direction, potentially damaging the motor and the equipment it is powering. Not requiring a battery to operate, the PRM-5-EUR is a simple and reliable tester to check for proper phase sequence in 3-phase cables and receptacles.

Durably constructed with a rubber out casing the PRM-5-EUR is CAT IV 600 V rated, and conforms to EN61010 and EN 61557 standards, making this tool essential for phase rotation testing in commercial and industrial environment on electrical systems up to 700 V.

• Phase sequence display with LEDs
• Display of a missing or incorrectly connected outer conductor

Product information
• Fast detection of phase sequence in three-phase supply
• Voltage range from 100 to 700 V
• Frequency range 16 to 400 Hz

Product highlights
• No battery needed
• Robust housing with rubber protective cover
• Securely connected test leads
• Measurement category CAT IV, 600 V


Article No. 4375961