Product Overview

Digital humidity and temperature meter



The THWD-3 ia an instrument to measure relative humidity and temperature. The extended probe allows the user to make measurements inside ducts or hard to reach areas. The Relative and MIN/MAX functions enable measurements to be made in two different areas and then compared. The large dual display and Data Hold function both make viewing the measurement results convenient. The THWD-3 utilize a capacitive sensor for humidity measure temperature in °C or °F with 0.1 % RH resolution. And utilizes a capacitive sensor for humidity measurements up to 100% with a tenth percent resolution. The THWD-3 has the capability to also indicate Dew Point and Wet Bulb readings.

• Humidity measurement
• Temperature measurement
• Dew point measurement
• Measurement of wet bulb temperature

Product information
• Probe integrated in device
• Switchable between °C and °F measurement
• Integrated measurement memory (data hold)
• MIN and MAX data hold
• Auto Power Off


Article No. 3033042