Product Overview

Dual Function Loop /RCD Tester

Robin-Amprobe KMP7100 is a dual function installation tester combining both Earth Loop Impedance tester and RCD tester in one compact easy to use package. Ideal for use with the Robin Amprobe 7036 Insulation tester.

Loop Functions

  • Non Trip Loop test
  • Fast testing
  • 20, 200 & 2000Ω Loop measurement ranges
  • PSC measurement up to 20kA
  • Displays mains voltage before test
  • Instant correct wiring status check

RCD Functions

  • Three levels of trip currents (X1/2, X1, X5) for complete range of testing applications
  • Phase switch selection 0° and 180° for positive and negative semi-cycle testing
  • Test pulse sensitive (DC) RCDs
  • Auto RCD test
  • Selectable 25V/50V fault voltage for RCD test
  • Designed to allow testing to BS7671 IEE 17th Edition regulations
  • Displays mains voltage before test
  • “Test lock” for automatic start test when connected to circuit
  • Dual measurement result display - primary display for RCD/Loop measurement, secondary display for circuit voltage
  • Built-in Volt meter
  • Safety CAT III 300V

Art. No. 3730263