Installation Testers

Installation Testers

Each test kit is supplied in a highly durable purpose-made soft carrying case for protection and contains an insulation-continuity tester, loop impedance tester, RCD tester and all necessary test...

Insulation-Continuity Tester according BS7671 IEE 17th Edition regulations


  • Tests insulation of wires, cables, transformers and electrical motors

Device information

  • Selectable test voltages 250V, 500V and 1000V
  • Test button hold to
  • ...

Schuko-Test FI/RCD
Socket tester with RCD/FI tripping

FI/RCD testers contain a display for testing the pin assignment specifically intended for testing an earthed socket. With all RCD/FI testers,...

Clamp Meter for earth loop measurement

User-friendly and accurate, the DGC-1000A helps you work safetly without test leads or auxiliary electrodes. The on-board memory and data logging features improve...

Digital Multifunction Tester (Insulation / Continuity / Loop / RCD / Voltage)

Safety and performance are two most critical requirements for every electrical system. The quality of insulation, properly...