Wire Tracers and Locators

Wire Tracers and Locators

Underground Utilities Locator

Accurately and safely pinpoint underground utilities before you dig

Accidentally hitting an utility line during a project can lead to costly repairs and create hazardous public safety...

A-Frame Ground Fault Locator

The AF-600-EUR A-Frame is designed to be used with the UAT-600-EUR Series Underground Utilities Locator Kits

Set up the UAT-600-TE Transmitter to apply a fault find...

Signal Clamp for AT-3500

Current Clamp


Pipe transmitter for AT-3500


Article No. 3435099

Underground Cable/Pipe Locator System

With the AT-3500 cable locator you can ensure that productivity remains high, whilst costs remain low. AT-3500 is a robust, cost-effective solution for...

Cable Locator Set for live and de-energised circuits


• Targeted locating of cables in walls, as well as interruptions and short circuits in cables
• Locating of fuses...