Carrying case

For UAT-600 Series

Article no. 4994620

Fuse, 2 pack

for UAT-600 Series

Article no. 4994468

Signal Clamp

For UAT-600 Series

Article no. 4994647

Test leads kit

For UAT-600 Series

Article no. 4994446

Signal Clamp

Accessory for inducing a signal into wires without access to bare conductors.

Article no. 4542825

Safety Set


Accessories information
• Test lead set with 4-mm safety plug technology

1 safety test lead, red
1 safety test lead, black
1 test probe, red, with cover cap
1 test probe, black,...

Custom Beha-Amprobe hard carrying case that securely holds transmitter, receiver, signal clamp, test leads and accessories.

Probes PSK set of 2
2 mm probe, short version


Accessory information
• Approx. 102 x 10 mm
• Current-carrying capacity 16 A 
• Measurement category CAT III/1000 V, CAT...

Red test lead (1.9 m (6.4 ft), green test lead (7.7 m (25 ft), set of black and red alligator clips, set of black and red test probes,...

Probes PSS set of 2


Accessory information
• Approx. 100 x 21 mm
• Current-carrying capacity 6 A
• Measurement category CAT III/1000 V

Set, consisting of:
1 x probe...