Products Installation Testers ProInstall-200-EUR


Product Overview

Multifunction Installation Tester including Download Software DL-SW-Kit

• Loop resistance measurement
• Internal net resistance measurement
• Short-circuit current measurement
• Low-impedance measurement and continuity testing
• Insulation testing
• RCD/FI measurement (contact voltage, trip time, trip current — increasing current)
• Voltage and frequency measurement 

Device information
• Memory for approx. 400 readings with three levels for assigning distributor and circuit number
• IR/USB interface to transfer stored readings to a PC
• Software for logging available to print out a test log
• Integrated outlet test with contact electrode to detect incorrectly connected outlets or missing protective conductors
• Easy-to-read, large, backlit LCD and particularly large viewing angle
• Auto power-off

Device features
• Compact and robust design allows you to work even under the most difficult conditions (weighs only 1500 g)
• Easy-to-operate and intuitive user interface enables instant and efficient working
• Test probe with test button included as standard
• Loop resistance measurement and short-circuit current measurement without tripping the RCD/FI

 Including Downloader Documenting Software for easy data transfer DL-SW-Kit

Downloads data from supported meters: - ProInstall-100, ProInstall-200:
• Displays downloaded data using form and table view for easy analysis
• Allows saving, retrieving and printing of the downloaded data
• Provides standard form templates to quickly display results with professional quality
• Exports data to other programs such as Microsoft Excel using the CVS format
• Provides utility to clear memory and to change meter setup
• USB port for user and computer safety
• Preview of the live data on the PC using Virtual Meter function
• Built-in forms and tables for Beha-Amprobe ProInstall-200 (optional)