Product Overview

Non-contact voltage probe with magnetic field detection

The contact-free voltage tester MAGNO Voltfix has been developed for voltage testing on insulated cables and conductors. For testing, no electrical connection to UUT is required. A second connection, e.g. to neutral or ground is not necessary. The second instrument function is the recognition of a magnetic field, e.g. of relays, contactors, and magnetic valves. The MAGNO Voltfix does not require maintenance. It is equipped with protective insulation. Power is supplied by means of two conventional micro batteries 1.5 V IEC LR03.

• Non-contact, optical and acoustic detection of AC voltages
• Fast, accurate detection of cable breaks in open-ended cables, e.g. cable drums, extension cables
• Optical signal for detection of magnetic fields, e.g. on magnetic coils or permanent magnets

Product information
• Compact, handy design that fits in any pocket
• Wide range of applications in trade and industry


Article No. 3454335