Product Overview

VOLTfix Drill
Non-contact voltage probe with screwdriver insert

The voltage tester UNITEST Voltfix Drill is a further development of the proven Voltfinger series. This instrument allows the user the direct voltage detection via metal probe and contact electrode besides the indirect voltage test on insulated cables. The Voltfinger is equipped with the conventional continuity tester.

• Non-contact, optical and acoustic detection of AC voltages
• Direct voltage test via screwdriver blade
• Continuity test
• Fast, accurate detection of cable breaks in open-ended cables, e.g. cable drums, extension cables

Product information
• Reliable, automatic self-test of activated device with optical readiness indicator
• Compact, handy design that fits in any pocket

Device highlights
• Integrated, ultra-bright flashlight
• Fixed, high-quality screwdriver insert (chrome, vanadium, molybdenum blade)


Article No. 3454358